How are your Bespoke Support carers recruited?

All of our Bespoke Support Workers must  go through a thorough screening and interview process. We complete a minimum of two reference checks on every person, together with a Protection of Vulnerable Adult (POVA) check and an enhanced criminal records (CRB) check.

What are your office hours?

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. Please call our local telephone number between these hours if you need to speak to your Support manager or a member of the support team. The relevant contact details are published on the Contact Us pageof this website.

We also have an on-call service for emergencies which is staffed 7 days a week from 7am – 10pm for hourly bespoke support and 24/7 for night support and live-in support. Please note that the on-call service is for emergencies only and you should contact during normal hours for non urgent calls.

What is the dress code for your Victory SocialCare staff?

All our Bespoke Support Workers will wear smart clothing and must carry an identification badge with a photograph so that they are easily identifiable to you. .

Our staffs are trained in food hygiene, health and safety and infection control.  Where the worker has to assist with leisure and social activities such as assistance with going to the gym or providing companionship appropriate clothing will be worn.

What is Bespoke Support?

Bespoke support is a real alternative for those that would like to remain within the comfort of their own familiar surroundings, rather than move into residential care or warden controlled environment.  It enables you to set out precisely what care you would like, how abd when it is provided.

Who Bespoke Support is suitable for?

Bespoke Support is suitable for people with various needs. Some of our clients are fully able both physically and mentally but just want the security or comfort of a companionship to assist them with their day to day living. Others have needs for Bespoke Support services to enable them access leisure activities etc.

Who is Bespoke Support not suitable for?

We are not qualified to provide nursing care. However, we liaise closely with GPs to ensure the client receives a high standard of care.

What tasks can a Support Worker undertake?

Our Bespoke Support staff  are able to complete both companionship Specific/bespoke  tasks such as:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Personal support
  • Light meal preparation
  • Shopping and trips out
  • Leisure and social Activities

Are Bespoke Support Workers able to drive?

Many of our Bespoke Support Workers are able to drive. In some instances, our clients prefer to be driven in their own cars and providing the Bespoke Support worker is insured to do so, we are able to assist. Where the Bespoke Support worker uses their own car, there is a small incremental mileage cost to cover the running costs of the vehicle.

Is there a minimum period for Bespoke Support care?

Victory Social Care prides itself on providing a flexible and reliable supportive Bespoke Support service. Most of our clients use our services on an indefinite basis, which enables them to live independently within their own home, rather than moving into residential care.

However we also provide short-term convalescent care, perhaps after a stay in hospital or respite support to give family members or others a holiday.

We are fully committed to your needs and preferences, and understand that levels of care may need to change.

What happens if my Bespoke Support worker falls ill or unable to attend?

We believe in continuity of support, allowing a rapport to build and the best companionship and relationship possible. We will do our best to achieve this at all times so if the regular Bespoke Support worker suddenly becomes ill, goes on an agreed holiday or is unable for any reason to provide their regular support, we will quickly bring in another experienced Bespoke Support worker to assist until regular worker is available.

Will Bespoke Support and I get on?

Before we place a Bespoke Support worker within a home, we will ensure that they have the right skills and attitude to match the requirement of the client thereby ensuring  the best possible support and companionship.

Our policy of maintaining contact with the client and debriefing  the Bespoke Support worker on a regular basis ensures that in circumstances where staff and the client don’tt get on, we are able to rectify the differences. If no solution can be reached we will organise another workert from our strong base of skilled and compassionate staff within 48 hours.

I’m interested…What are the next steps?

If you feel that Bespoke Support may be a good option to consider, then we would encourage you to contact us and set up a no obligation consultation. The consultation can be completed in your own home at a time convenient to you. We recommend that a family member or friend is also present. We can also carry out the consultation in a hospital or residential home if you are planning to move back into your home.

During the consultation we will:

  • Explain our Bespoke Support service
  • Assess physical and other needs
  • Confirm the cost and service we can provide
  • Discuss profiles of appropriate Bespoke Support
  • Answer any questions or concerns

We also need to carry out a risk assessment of the home. This can be completed separately if it is not possible or appropriate to complete at the time of the initial consultation.

Would I be better off with Bespoke Support?

We have some clients who have moved from residential care back into their own homes with the support of our Bespoke Support services. The feedback from our clients and their families is that they are much happier to be back in their own homes with the benefit of one-to-one support.

We realise that Bespoke Support is not suitable for everyone. If you are unsure whether Bespoke Support is the right option for you, please give us a call and allow us to arrange a no obligation consultation.

Who are your Bespoke Support workers?

We maintain a strong, competent Bespoke Support team from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages including males and females. Victory SocialCare matches clients’ needs to the skills of our staff. We believe it works best when there are common values or interests and a strong personality match between the client and the Bespoke Support worker. We always aim to find a good match between the client and the Bespoke Support worker.

What knowledge and training do Bespoke Support staff receive? Our Bespoke Support staff  have knowledge and training on Health and Safety, Moving and Handling, Food Hygiene, Safe Handling of Medication, Basic Infection Control and Abuse Awareness of Vulnerable Adults. Additional training consists of a combination of e-learning and practical training and each member of staff undertakes a series of tests. Further training is undertaken for specific medical conditions depending upon the client’s individual needs.

How long will the Bespoke Support worker stay?

Different staff  like to work different patterns. Some like to work for long periods of time and then take an extended break, e.g. work 3 months on, take 3 weeks off. Others prefer to work 2 weeks on and take one week off.  At Victory SocialCare, our job is to ensure that you receive continuing support by someone who is closely matched to your needs. This is one of the areas we will discuss at the care assessment as objective is to find  the best solution for your needs.

How soon can Bespoke Support start?

We want to provide a suitable match between your Bespoke Support worker and the client. Once support and companionship needs have been fully assessed, we aim to place the Bespoke Support worker within the home in 1-2 weeks.

However we recognise that in some cases, especially where a client is being discharged from hospital that support often needs to start sooner. In these instances we will always do our best to assist at short notice. However please understand that the choice of worker will be more limited when support needs to start at short notice.

How much does Bespoke Support cost?

The costs of Bespoke Support services depends on a number of factors including the level of support required, the nature of any disabilities, the number of people in the home and the number of night disturbances.

The basic cost for Bespoke Support starts at £500 per week. We do not charge for initial consultation visits, travel costs or for any visits or reviews.

What identification do I need for CRB?

The rules around what documents are required to support a CRB application are complex. However we normally require 3 documents from the following list:

UK driving licence, original birth certificate, and evidence of your current address (e.g. recent bank statement or utility bill).

What skills and experience do you need to be a Bespoke Support worker?

The most important qualities we seek are compassion and common sense. You must also be fluent in English, have your own car and driving licence. Whilst we welcome people with previous experience and NVQ qualifications, our award winning induction training will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to start.

Do I need a criminal records check (CRB)?

We are required to carry out an enhanced criminal records bureau check on all of our staff. Please note that CRBs are not portable from one employer to another and even if you have already had a CRB elsewhere, we are required by law to carry out a new one.

The current cost of the CRB is £66. We ask candidates for this in advance and we reimburse the cost once you have successfully completed your probationary period.

Could you be Victory SocialCare Bespoke Supportworker?

Our Bespoke Support workers come from all walks of life and are enthusiastic about their work. They have a lively personality; generally they enjoy an active lifestyle and have a good understanding of both written and spoken English. Good health is essential as there are physical requirements in this type of work that include lifting and bending. As our clients do have some set routines it is important that you are able to combine these with a flexibility that is necessary to support a commitment to their leading an independent and spontaneous lifestyle.

If the occasion arises that a client requires live in care then we expect all Victory Bespoke Support staff to conduct themselves in a polite, discreet manner upholding and respecting  a client’s privacy at all times.
Although you will be working on your own, with the responsibilities that this entails, you will have the continuous support of the Care Manager and her team as well as a 24 hour helpline should you need it.
Before work is assigned we take care in matching suitable people together whilst also taking into consideration staff choices regarding who they work with.