We are always keen to improve our services.  If there are any aspects of the service you have received that you wish to address, please read through the following sections.  If possible you should discuss the problem with your Regisered Care Senior Personal Assistant who will do their best to resolve the problem quickly to your satisfaction.

Failing that, you can phone Victory SocialCare and you contention will be put in writing.  You can also  email  us or request a complaint form to complete and return to us.

When we receive a written complaint, your Registered Care senior or a Director will contact you within 3 working days to discuss the matter or provide a solution immediately if possible.  If the matter cannot be dealt with straight away, a response will be provided within one week.

Verbal complaints should be directed to your Registered Care senior, who may be able to deal with the complaint immediately over the telephone, and can provide written acknowledgement if you require it. Where the senior cannot deal with the issue they will pass it on to a Director.

For serious matters, an investigation will take place and we will contact those concerned. We will write to you within a further three weeks with details of our findings where appropriate, of any action we have taken and proposals to rectify the situation.

The Process

In most instances we can sort out a problem on the spot by making sure that we have understood your concern and responded appropriately.

Complaints that are more serious are passed onto a Director who will contact you and undertake a telephone interview with you to discuss the problem further and how you wish us to deal with it.

If a complaint can still not be satisfactorily resolved, a member of our management team will visit you for a one to one discussion.

With all the good will in the world occasionally things go wrong and another director needs to look at what happened. You have the right to ask for this.

You can contact your Local Council at any stage of the complaint.

If at the end you are still unhappy and feel that your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can forward the details to:

Care Quality Commission,

Tel 03000616161

The Oast,
Hermitage Court,
Hermitage Lane,
ME16 9NT


All our staff will be prepared to help you express your point of view – to highlight issues or even if you want to offer thanks for good work.

All the information our staffs receive will be dealt with confidentially, to protect all those involved.

You may wish to ask a friend or relative to write out the complaint for you, which if possible you should then sign. Alternatively your Care Senior will help you to put your complaint in writing if you have indicated it verbally.