At Victory SocialCare our aim is to deliver high quality bespoke support care to enhance the quality of  an individual’s life that will increase and promote the independence, respect and dignity of our clients.

It is also important to offer choices to people. We pride ourselves in our abilities and skills to provide services that are flexible, comprehensive and reflective of the culture, race, language and religious needs of our clients.
Victory SocialCare  provides home care support services to older adults in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.  These specially adapted services enable them to live safely and independently in their own home.

Our belief is that there is no place like home and that providing support to older adults living in the comfort of their own home in an environment they are familiar with offers a quality of life which can rarely be provided in residential care.



Our bespoke support service is suitable for individuals or family members requiring a bespoke care-plan. Our services are competitively priced and the quality service we provide is the key to our success. We provide local high quality professionally trained carers who know exactly what is required.  Our specialist arm provides bespoke support care services to black ethnic communities from differing backgrounds. We promote diversity by encouraging service users to continue living with their preferred cultural and religious lifestyles.

We also provide highly motivated and dedicated staff  from differing ethnic backgrounds. This allows us to match our staff and service user’s abilities and needs, ensuring the best care outcomes.

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You can purchase individual services or a package to respond to your needs. This totally flexible approach is designed to work with you and the changing requirements that care inevitably needs. The levels of support, the types of support and the length of that support can all be tailored to individual assessed need.